We strive in making the Selling process as easy as possible for our Sellers. We walk thru our Sellers step by step, and keep them updated in every detail of the transaction. Since Showings, Contract, Inspections results, Valuation of the Property, Title work, until we get to a successful Closing.

CMA, Comparable Market Analysis

We provide our Sellers with a CMA Report with current Listings prices, and past sold Comparable Property sales information, to assist them in the value of their home.

Searching and Understanding the Market

It’s of a crucial importance that we assist you in searching the MLS, and that we share information with you regarding Listings of similar homes in your neighborhood.

Setting a good Marketing Plan

We have created a strategic Marketing Plan for every type of property. Each area has different characteristics, and we know how to craft a unique plan for your Property.

Assisting you with your Home Evaluation

We consider it is our obligation to assist you in objectively evaluate the features and condition of your property, and to how it competes in the current Real Estate Market.

Market Updates

Market is continuously evolving, as new Listings comes to the market, and others sell. Where the supply/demand plays an important role in the market. We will keep you informed with market updates!

Inspections Results /Negotiations

We’ll do a closely follow up with the Buyers and their Inspection Companies to assure all inspections are completed in time. We will work to get you the top price possible with the fewest concessions.

We will be pending to the entire process since the signing of the Contract until the Closing, assisting all transactions involved parties along the way. We will make sure you leave the Closing table with a check to move on with life!